Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2011 Monthly Theme Challenge

On April 3, 1892 a wonderful thing happened... it was the first documented evidence of the ice cream sundae in an Ithaca, New York, newspaper advertisement for a Cherry Sunday at Platt & Coles Soda Fountain located in a pharmacy. Many other American cities dispute Ithaca's "Birthplace of the Ice Cream Sundae" title and such cities range from from Buffalo, New York to New Orleans, Louisiana.  As I'm from the southern US, I am doubting New Orleans' claim because even with air conditioning, it's really hard to keep ice cream from melting into a puddle! :)

This month's theme is strictly for ice cream sundaes and other ice cream novelties.  A scoop of ice cream on a cone is not enough for this month - pull out all your supplies and post an ice cream creation!  Fruits, cookies, sprinkles, and of course parfait glasses and banana split boats are a must.  Popsicles, creamsicles, bomb pops are also welcome.

Please tag your entries for this month's challenge in Etsy with MFJoEApr2011. If you have the picture on Flickr, please use the same tag.  If your item does sell, leave a comment on this post with a link to the sold item so it's not left out when I post the results.  If it's not too much trouble, please limit yourself to one entry per member.

Need some help on the types of sundaes you can make?  Check out the Wikipedia article on the sundae or search the tons of images on Google!

Until Later!  ®oscata


  1. I think I am going to try and participate in this one!

  2. I missed this one, but can't wait to hear what you have planned for May



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