Monday, November 15, 2010

November 2010 Monthly Theme Challenge

... is "Comfort Foods!"  Of course it couldn't be anything else with autumn in full swing, the holidays ramping up and family-sized feasts!  This month please either tag your entries in Etsy with MFJoENov2010.  If you have the picture on Flickr, please use the same tag!  If your item does sell, leave a comment on this post with a link to the sold item so it's not left out.

Entries need to be tagged or comments left by November 29 (midnight Pacific time) and the blog post with the results will be posted on November 30.

Image courtesy of our teammember mousemarket!

Some ideas are fresh-baked pies, fall vegetables, roasted meats, and warm spiced confections.

Have fun!

Until Later!  ®oscata

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  1. I sold this on the 29th and didn't relist until today so I don't know if it was included or not:


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