Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Ice Cream Social: Challenge Results!

Our first monthly challenge for June was "Ice Cream Social", and we had seven participants! Considering this was our first team challenge, I consider that a rousing success! The following is what our amazing members came up with...

Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Pedant by sillychic

Mini Ice Cream Sundae pendant by AthenaWorkman

The Colors of Summer - Earrings- IceCream Collection by PetitPlat

Vanilla Ice Cream with Sprinkles Sterling Silver Earrings by PetiteCreation

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Earrings (post) by MouseMarket

Mint Chocolate Chip Hot Fudge Ice Cream ring by ericaschmerica

Pink Ice Cream Cameo Necklace Pendant by roscata

Thanks to everyone who participated! Some members even made more than one ice cream creation, so use the tag "6mfjechallenge" at Etsy to see more great miniature ice cream jewelry!

And come back tomorrow for our next monthly challenge...


  1. I seriously need to find some ice cream now!!! Love the ring :)

  2. I added my entry yesterday, not sure if it came up in the search :)

  3. It didn't, but I got it now and the blog's updated. Thanks! :)

  4. *squeal* So many adorable pieces! And now...time for some real ice cream. ;)

  5. omg you make it all look sooooo tasty!@!


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