Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Mini Food Artist: Divine Sweetness

This week's Featured Mini Food Artist is Ciara of Divine Sweetness!

From her shop profile: I'm first and foremost a wife to the (almost) perfect husband, a young mom of three funny and adorable kids, mona craft addict, and a nature lover.

I'd love for you to drop by and say hi. I'd love to hear stories from life. And you favoring my shop is most welcome, it'll make me very happy and it will absolutely make my day!

A simple girl with an old soul who is so happy to have discovered this place! This place called etsy.. it brings me great joy just looking around here and discovering talented artists and their works, whenever time permits me. It's a dream place for a crafter like me. The artists here inspire me, especially in these trying times now where modernism rule. I love the fact that there are still people, who like me, does things the old way...with hands.

She's also been featured on many blogs and in Etsy Finds.

Stop by and visit her great Etsy shop!


  1. So super cute! And I love her clever photo background ideas. :)

  2. cute adorable items!!! love it! =D

  3. thank you so much guys! you guys are my idols in miniature food! (kneels down to worship with both hands) lol! =)

    Athena thanks so much for the feature!!!! =D Thanks so much for everything


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