Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fake Food Question

Recently, I made my first attempt at a confetti cake with whipped icing. After two attempts I was successful, but in between getting out my clay and finishing the earrings and charm, I:

-Made a mess with my icing
-Nearly crushed my cake slices putting in the eyepins
-Whined a lot
-Almost cried

What's your biggest fake food jewelry disaster/catastrophe? I'm sure we'd all love to hear some funny stories!


  1. getting TLS brown icing all over my jeans is my biggest failure so far. It's REALLY hard to remowe!

    To make cake-making easier I usually bake the cake pieces/layers seperately with and eyepin in one of them and after that I add the icing and bake it again. I had to google "confetti cake" because I had no idea what it looked like, but if it looks like the results I had in my search I guess it would be easier to bake the spongy confetti cake before adding the top icing.

  2. I had to re-make the same tomato cane THREE TIMES before it looked even vaguely like a tomato slice. As anyone who makes canes knows, you tend to waste a fair bit of material anyway. Plus when I make a cane, I make a big one as they're a lot of effort to do. So I put a lot of fimo in the bin for that. But I think it was worth it for the end result : (please feel free to delete my link if it's considered spamming)

  3. I tried making a lemon cane 7 TIMES until I got it perfect. I have never made a lemon cane since.
    Also, when I was making a cinamon bun, my dad stepped on it and then I spilled the tls icing I made ALL OVER ME


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