Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2011 Monthly Theme Challenge

Note that this post has changed.  I'm getting used to the new year so the tag for this challenge is MFJoEJan2011 and NOT MFJoEJan2010.  Thanks for bearing with my blondeness everyone! Healthy Foods!

Photo of Tomato Earrings courtesy of Team Member mmagda

After a few months of yummy comfort foods, it's the perfect time to make a resolution so this theme is naturally (get it??!) going to be a bit healthier.  This month please either tag your entries for this month's challenge in Etsy with MFJoEJan2011.  If you have the picture on Flickr, please use the same tag.  If your item does sell, leave a comment on this post with a link to the sold item so it's not left out when I post the results.  If it's not too much trouble, please limit yourself to one entry per member.  No complaints and I'm so happy for everyone participating, but with more and more members being added each week, there are more and more entries. 

Entries need to be tagged or comments left by January 30 (midnight Pacific time) and the blog post with the results will be posted on January 31.

Until Later!  ®oscata


  1. Hi! I must have been having the same healthy thoughts too... I just finished making my Apple a day earrings!

    They are from my jewelry shop it is all stuff from the Jade Dumpling I have three shops with different themes. I used the tag MFJoEJan2011 let me know if that is ok as I don't know if my jewelry shop is technically a member or if that matters. thanks so much!!!

  2. Done and done! I had a few fruity vegetable things to choose from but I opted for watermelon in the end, because as well as being deliciously healthy, they're also lovely, bright colours!

  3. Hi. I just tagged my item on Flickr and realized that the tag is's not 2010 anymore. On the blog post you put MFJoEJan2010...should we keep it or change it?

  4. I'm back! Wow, look at this team! :) Here's my entry:

  5. How's about a big salad? :) Crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumber slices, and a half of a hard-boiled egg for a bit o' protein. That's pretty healthy.

  6. Hi all! Here's mine:


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