Friday, February 11, 2011

Member Spotlight - Little Towne Creations

This member spotlight features a southern belle from my home state of Florida!  Let's all give a welcome to Rebekah of Little Towne Creations!

Let’s start by telling us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve spent most of my life living in Southwest Florida.  My parents and older siblings have said that as a child I was always the self-entertained type.  They could just put a paper and some crayons in front of me and I’d be occupied for hours!  As a child, and even into my early teens, I’ve made miniature things out of clay, starting with little dogs and horses to entire miniature villages and worlds.  Each piece I made was (and still is!) carefully crafted with care.  To each person or animal I made I would give a name, and love it like any child would love their special toys.  But for me, these weren’t just toys.  They had my fingerprints on them.  They were my works of art. 

Needless to say, I’ve always loved being artistic and creating things.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the world from my own unique perspective.  Nowadays I am occupied with full-time school and work, but I still find time to let the imaginative child inside of me out.  Along with making things for my Etsy shop, I enjoy designing things on the computer, photography and Photoshop, and sketching and painting whenever I get the chance.

How did you start into/begin crafting miniature food jewelry?

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved to make things out of clay.  Making food jewelry all started with the Cheeseburger Earrings, an idea that stemmed from a joke among me and my friends.  It was a silly, yet unique and playful, thing that “only I would think of,” and it turned out to be a great idea!

Describe your aesthetic?

I make sure each piece I make looks realistic, but more importantly, has a little of my own personality in it.  I try not to get caught up in the opinions of others, and how they think a piece should look, but at the same time, I take good advice and ideas, and constructive criticism.

Describe your creative process. 

What inspires me the most is when I see something or have an idea of something that I haven’t seen anyone else do before.  I like to re-create things I see in the world, in my everyday life, but in addition, I like to go the extra mile and throw in something that no one else would normally think of. 

Do you have any favorite pieces?  If so, briefly describe a few and explain why you love them.

It’s hard to choose which of my pieces I like most because if I don’t like something, I usually don’t make it!  If I had to choose a favorite set of earrings, it would probably be my mini cheeseburgers, because they are the ones that started it all!

Describe your etsy shop?  How did you come up with the name? Is there any significance to your name/shop design?

The significance behind the name Little Towne Creations stemmed from several of my childhood experiences.  As I mentioned above, when I first started making miniature things out of clay as a child, I would often make miniature towns, including people, pets, buildings, trees, etc.  These miniature “worlds” that I would escape to would keep me entertained for hours. 

The Little Towne Creation’s shop is my way of expressing my original ideas and creations to the world.  It’s a venue for me to get my ideas out there and see if people actually like them.  The design and logo for Little Towne Creations was made by one of my friends.  It portrays a little town inside of a snow globe, which I think completely captures the essence of what the shop is all about.

Where do you create?  Do you have a space, room, studio, etc? 

I usually take over the guest room in my house with all of my art stuff.  Sometimes I even go outside because it helps me think. 

What's the ONE thing that as an artisan, you couldn't live without!

If I had to choose one tool that I couldn’t live without, it would probably be a needle.  When making my miniature things out of clay, the needle allows me to do intricate detail work that no other tool can do very well. 

How has being a part of Etsy helped you in your craft and/or in your business?

Being apart of Etsy has allowed me to connect with other artists and like-minded people.  There’s an old saying that says “iron sharpens iron,” and I have been (and am being!) “sharpened” by the other sellers and artists on Etsy.  I constantly get new ideas on how to improve an area of my shop, whether it be the design, the photographs, the marketing techniques, etc. 

What do you like about the MFJoE Team?

Like many other teams, the best part is the freedom to share ideas with one another.

Until Later!  ®oscata


  1. Great interview! I love the idea behind the "little worlds". That's sort of what I was going for when I made my polymer clay business card holder, and it was so much fun.

    The mug puppy is adorable!

  2. What a wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing your work. :)

  3. hello! your creations are very fabulous! and I want to give you a gift or present (I don't know in english) for you on my blog!


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