Sunday, February 6, 2011

Polymer Clay Food Jewelry Tutorials from MFJoE Member Toni Ellison of Tiny Tongue!

Hello everyone!

The talented and adorable Toni Ellison of Tiny Tongue on Etsy has posted many well-narrated video tutorials on You Tube and she has graciously allowed the team to post them on the blog - YAY!  To see Toni's entire collection of videos, visit her You Tube channel. I just love Toni's shop.  Her creations are cute and still realistic and her photography is just amazing. Seriously, her Pop Tart jewelry makes me really want to eat a Pop Tart! Congrats on 238 sales Toni! Keep up the fantastic work!

Toni's creations are realistic and adorable!

Toni's Red Velvet Cake Tutorial (she even shows how to make a tiny rose decoration!):

Toni's Bakery Bread Tutorial:

Toni's Flaky Croissant Ring Tutorial:

Toni's Ice Cream Sundae Ring Tutorial:

Toni's Lemon Meringue Pie Charm Tutorial:

Toni's Rainbow Cake Tutorial:

Toni also has posted a ton of caning tutorials and check them out:  kiwi fruit cane, red navel orange cane, salmon make sushi roll cane, and also strawberry fruit cane

Again, thanks Toni for sharing your amazing tutorials with the team and the world!

Until Later!  ®oscata


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